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2018 EASA Convention:

What’s in Our Booth?



Interested in getting a sneak peek into our booth? We’re excited to be showcasing upgraded software and a few of our best products at the 2018 EASA Convention on June 24-26.

 Read on to see why they’re in the spotlight.

 IRD travels to 2018 EASA Convention in Milwaukee, WI

IRD Balancing B50 & the Newly Upgraded 295+


IRD’s B-Series soft-bearing balancing machines are portable and made with rapid changes of bearing spans and assemblies in mind. This lets operators perform changes and adjustments between jobs quickly and efficiently. The B-Series’ flexible design helps to meet the requirements of various rotating equipment — pumps, compressors, electric motors, and gear drives are just a sampling of what the general-purpose machines built by IRD can balance. It’s also not uncommon for users to get more than 35 years out of their machine with the proper use and maintenance.


The B-Series machines provide maximum flexibility for balancing rotating components, especially when paired with the IRD Model 295+ balancing instrument. IRD is excited to announce the new changes to the 295+ at the 2018 EASA Convention. The instrument is now fully compliant with the latest set of standards, ISO 21940-11, API 610-11, and MIL-STD-1A. Easily accessible through the drop-down menu on the balance quality page, this upgrade brings you IRD’s top-of-the-line instrument with a new easy-to-navigate standards selection. This new feature is now available on all new 295+ instruments and will also be implemented in IRD’s calibration package for all 295 Series instruments.


While the delicate application of industrial balancing is still a hands-on process that requires both experience and a high attention to detail, the 295 Series instruments provide innovative new features via technological enhancements. Users, machinists and shop managers alike are no longer handcuffed to outdated processes due to limitations of their balancing equipment. The 295+ balancing instrument is just one example of how modern-day instrumentation will continue to be user-friendly and able to integrate with existing systems and technologies.

IRD travels to 2018 EASA Convention in Milwaukee, WI


LEXSECO Core Loss Testers

Core loss testing provides a quick and efficient method for determining core losses found in the core steel of stators, rotors, and armatures.  It is one of the most important quality assurance tools in the motor repair industry and is virtually a requirement when rewinding a motor.  This proven technology is even more critical in today's competitive market as it predicts motor reliability, helps maintain motor efficiency and reduces motor repair and warranty costs.


When LEXSECO created their core loss testing unit more than 35 years ago, they created a unit that took the risk out of testing, reduced testing time, and introduced sophisticated solid-state controls.  Now, with the introduction of its MP7 computer software, LEXSECO has brought to you an easy-to-use reporting and documentation hub for commercial core loss testing that also carries the ability to house information gleaned from multiple test types.


The LEXSECO core loss testers are fully automated high current, low voltage test centers designed specifically for testing rotors, stators, and armatures up to 10,000 HP or 300kVA. These core loss testers simulate real-world operating conditions and calculate core loss based on actual characteristics using our industry leading MP 7™ software. They then provide documentation of the rebuild and manufacturing processes, automatically generating customized reports detailing core performance.




To learn more about the newest upgrades in IRD products, stop by our booth (#709) at the 2018 EASA Convention! Can’t make it to the event? We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have! Contact sales@irdproducts.com or call (502) 366-0916.



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