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IRD®, or Industrial Research & Development, LLC specializes in machinery that assists in the repair of industrial equipment.  Currently, IRD® LLC builds and sells two separate brands of equipment.  IRD® Balancing equipment allows customers to balance rotors of a wide range of sizes via soft-bearing technology which is more versatile and safer than hard-bearing technology.  Our knowledge and technology span back to 1952 when IRD Mechanalysis produced the first portable electronic instrument for measuring and analyzing rotating machinery vibration and allowed for dynamic balancing of rotors in-place.  Since then, IRD® Balancing technology has advanced with the purpose of providing top-of-the-line balancing machinery across the globe.

The LEXSECO® founding engineers created the first Core Loss Tester which revolutionized the motor repair industry in 1978.  From then, the Core Loss Testers have advanced to becoming a fully automated system which can test flux, amperage, and wattage.  As with the balancing equipment, the Core Loss Testers have been advanced every step of the way with the end user in mind.  This also includes our Meter Calibration Exchange program.

Currently, IRD® LLC headquarters are located in Louisville, Kentucky next door to Krauth Electric, a sister company.  By working closely with a motor repair company, IRD® LLC products get tested by the end user before they are available to the customers.  This ensures top of the line products.

Our Promise

Here at IRD® LLC, we believe that excellence in workmanship and a high level of productivity are the key components to building long term relationships with our customers.  IRD® has been producing top of the line balancing equipment on a world wide scale since the 1960s.  LEXSECO® constructed the very first Core Loss Tester in 1978.  Since then, these products have been revolutionizing the testing and repair industry for both balancing equipment and engine core testing.  As a result of the superior performance and reliability of our products, as well as our unmatched services, we are also the world's fastest growing and highest margin manufacturer in our industry.

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