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 CLENG Ltd. Continues to Provide Superior Customer Service with IRD LLC

How a partnership was forged in mutual core values



CLENG Ltd. is located in Birkenhead, England


When Colin Leigh set out to create CLENG Ltd., he focused on the same core values he had witnessed during his 10 years with IRD Balancing’s former UK office. Colin’s goal was to reach the level of customer service and technical support that he had observed with IRD. After 11 years CLENG has achieved a reputation for the highest level of customer care and, through its partnership with IRD, the company has been able to develop and expand resources they wouldn’t have had otherwise.


About CLENG Ltd.

Since 2006 CLENG Ltd. has serviced the UK area, specializing in balancing machine support and plant asset reliability. As a balancing systems specialist, CLENG offers service, calibration, repair, and bespoke training courses, which include theoretical principles and practical application. Through its partnership with IRD LLC, CLENG is also able to offer machine sales service and support for both brands, IRD Balancing and LEXSECO.


The Asset Reliability side of the company helps clients improve the life and availability of plant assets using condition monitoring, vibration analysis, in-situ balancing, laser alignment, and thermography. This combination of services gives CLENG an unique insight into their client’s requirements.


The Evolution of a Partnership

From its inception, CLENG has had a great working relationship with IRD. First through Colin’s history and connections with IRD’s UK offices, to today with a more formal arrangment of support from IRD’s base in the United States.


“I spent 10 years at IRD in the UK, from EntekIRD through to Rockwell, and my time there showed me an approach to customer service that, in my experience, was world class and is achieved by only a very few companies,” said Colin Leigh. “When I established CLENG Ltd., my goal was to reach that same level of quality service and techincal support.”


Through hard work and with the customer’s success always in mind, Colin believes the company has reached his first goal, proven by improvements in their customer’s plant asset life and the feedback supplied by their balancing machine customers. IRD’s support has definitely helped lead to that success by allowing CLENG to increase its focus in the balancing arena and investing in training for their Condition Monitoring Engineers. As an authorized service center for IRD Products, CLENG gives customers confidence in their service and support.


“A potentially bad customer situation became a success due to great support from IRD ‘across the pond,” said Colin. “The situation occurred whilst I was installing a model 295+ on a B140 in a power station in Greece. Due to some component damage sustained in transport, the newly installed system was giving some very unusual results. During the commissioning fault finding process, there was a continuous dialogue between myself, the IRD LLC in the US, and CLENG engineers in the UK office. We eventually found the issue with the combined effort, completing the commissioning process and providing operator training.”


CLENG and IRD’s mutual goal to provide superior customer service has forged an easy partnership between the two. Ensuring customers have easy access to technical support and training ultimately leads to their customers’ success, which is what both companies are focused on providing.


To learn more about IRD products, contact sales@irdproducts.com or call (502) 366-0916.


To learn more about CLENG Ltd., contact info@CLENG.co.uk or call 0151 345 6784.




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