Core Loss Testers

The LEXSECO® Core Loss Tester provides highly accurate, waveform-independent readings by utilizing high resolution flux, current, and power measuring devices for the core being examined.

The Core Loss Tester includes a Variable Reactance Transformer (VRT) with solid state controls, a digital metering package, computer system, and test cables with quick connecting fittings.  Safety fuses, over-temperature protection, interlocks, surge suppressors, and circuit breakers are present to provide maximum protection to the hardware and operator.

The Core Loss Tester provides an adjustable output current from 0 to 2,000 amperes for some models and up to 4,000 for others.  The VRT used by LEXSECO® provides ease of control and self-limiting current, both of which offer tremendous advantages over other sources of power used in the industry.

Your LEXSECO® Core Loss Tester is designed to be used with LEXSECO® MP 7TM software.  This highly refined combination of software and hardware will ensure accurate results.  Please refer to the software and computer manuals for more information.

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Core Loss Tester

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  • Core Loss Tester Model Options

    Model MaximumHP* MaximumKVA

    1081 500 10

    2025 1,250 25

    2040 1,750 40

    2060 2,500 60

    2125 5,000 125

    2200 7,500 200

    3000 10,000 300

    * HP Range is approximate only

    Standard Features


    • All Models
      • MP Software & Metering System
      • Flux Measurement Cables
      • Cable Storage Brackets
      • Locking Steel Lid
    • Model 2125 & larger
      • AC Rotor & DC Armature Testing Package

    Optional  Features


    • Models 1081, 2025, 2040, 2060
      • Extended Input Voltage Range, 220-600V
    • Models 2125, 2200, 3000
      • Extended Input Voltage Range 480-600V
    • Model 2060 & below
      • AC Rotor &  DC Armature Testing Package
  • Selecting the Proper Sized Core Loss Tester

    Core Length

    Inner Diameter

    Slot Depth

    Back Iron

    Number of Vent Ducts

    Vent Duct Length

    Number of Vent Holes

    Vent Hole Diameter

    While horse power is important, it is only one factor that contributes to the size selection of a Core Loss Tester.

    Please provide our sales representatives with the following details about the LARGEST core they will be testing:

  • Cables

     Flux Measurement Cables

     Part Number Description 10KVA, 25KVA,40KVA, 60KVA 125KVA, 200KVA,300KVA

     L00301 15ft (4.6m) Flux Measurement Cable Standard Optional

     L00302 20ft (6.1m) Flux Measurement Cable Optional Standard

     Main and Extension Cables

     Part Number Description 10KVA, 25KVA,40KVA, 60KVA 125KVA, 200KVA,300KVA

     L00213 15ft (4.6m) Male to Female Extension Cable Standard Optional

     L00216 20ft (6.1m) Male to Female Extension Cable Optional Standard

     L00203 15ft (4.6m) Main Cable - bolts to VRT Standard Optional

     L00205 20ft (6.1m) Main Cable - bolts to VRT Optional Standard

     L00215 20ft (6.2m) Male to Male Cable Optional Standard

    Standard cable lengths are listed.  Longer cables are available by special order in 5 ft (1.5m) increments.  Call for availability and pricing.  All parts are factory original to provide consistent superior performance.  Cables are under warranty for 90 days.

  • Laptop & Printer

    LEXSECO® Core Loss Testers can come equipped with a Windows 7 laptop and / or an inkjet printer.  The MP 7TM software will be installed and ready to go!

Armature Testing Kit

When testing wound rotors and armatures, the following test method should be employed:


If the shaft is removed or adequate space exists for the main cable to pass through the rotor, the rotor test should be implemented in the same manner as the stator test would be performed.  Otherwise, use the LEXSECO® rotor shaft clamps to clamp onto the rotor shaft and use it as the current path through the rotor.  Perform core loss test as specified in the test instructions and compare the results of the test to any tests performed on nearly identical rotors when possible.

Armature Testing Kit Supplies

Part Number Description 10KVA, 25KVA,40KVA, 60KVA 125KVA, 200KVA,300KVA

L00500 AC Rotor & DC Armature Testing PackageIncludes:  Pair 8" shaft clamps (L08000) & extension cable (L00213) Optional Included

L08000 Replacement 8" Shaft Clamp, 1 pair Optional Optional

Magnetic Paper

The LEXSECO® magnetic paper is a micro-encapsulated film that reacts to the presence of a magnetic field.  The film aligns with the magnetic lines and permits the user to view an electric motor's static magnetic field which can identify problems with its construction and integrity.

 Main and Extension Cables

 Part Number Description

 L00400 Magnetic Paper, 12" x 12" (305mm x 305mm)

 L00401 Magnetic Paper, 12" (305mm) wide, sold inuser specified increment lengths of 12" (305mm)

 L00402 Magnetic Paper, 18" (457mm) wide, sold inuser specified increment lengths of 12" (305mm)

 L00450 Magnetic Wand - used to reset magnetic paper

Other magnetic paper specifications:

Color:  Green

Thickness:  0.006" (0.1524mm)

Functionality:  Minimum of 2000 cycles (dark to light switches) - is normally reset with a common magnet.  We sell magnetic wands for this purpose.

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