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Core Loss Testing Software: The LEXSECO Advantage


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Core Loss testing has long been one of the most important quality assurance tools in the electric motor repair industry. A key step to maintaining motor efficiency, preventing any early failures, and reducing repair costs, core loss tests are run every time a rewind is performed.


Whether it’s a traditional loop, segregated losses, or commercial core loss test, the most basic function of a core loss test is to see if a motor has damaged iron in the “core”. Commercial core loss testers, in particular, have impacted the industry in a number of positive ways.


Software Advancements in Commercial Core Loss Testing

LEXSECO was the first to develop a commercial Core Loss Tester more than 35 years ago and the

tester continues to perform its duty in a wide range of repair shop environments. LEXSECO has

created the advantage in terms of commercial core loss testing. The accompanying software

developments and other technological innovations have led the charge to refining the core loss

testing process and along the way have provided efficiencies to shop managers and technicians alike

and created a true system.


LEXSECO’s MP series of commercial core loss testing software is considered multi-parameter. The

company tested thousands of cores to find the amount of acceptable loss and create dedicated

parameters for each  frame and efficiency type. LEXSECO’s MP7 software takes the guesswork out of the process of core loss testing. Aside from convenience there are several other advantages to testing via the MP7 software.


Presets for popular equipment

The LEXSECO commercial core loss testing software is capable of using real data from motors

currently found in the marketplace. This can make a big difference in the accuracy and efficiency

of commercial core loss testing. For example, the latest MP7 software has built in functionalities

to leverage presets for common sizes, frames, and manufacturer products. Users can select from a

list, populate the specs of the motor, and then if they need to re-test or test a similar motor in

the future, they can simply recall the measurements and other helpful motor specifications instead

of re-measuring and re-inputting those values.


Auto-calculates the value of flux that equipment has to reach at target levels

The LEXSECO core loss tester can control how long the typical test should last and at what target

flux, based on the specifications of the equipment being tested for core loss. The calculations are

preprogrammed into the LEXSECO MP7 software and are based on thousands and thousands of testing scenarios on various types of motors. Tests can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, and their commercial core loss testing software ultimately takes the guess work out of getting meaningful measurements.


User Guidance

From set-up to test completion, the MP7 software has easy-to-follow testing processes. The LEXSECO software, with its easy-to-use, guided interface, walks users through setup and tests with a series of helpful images and detailed instructions that are easy to follow.


Multifunctional software documentation applications

LEXSECO’s MP7 software also gives technicians the ability to document multiple test types with the

same software. The MP7 software isn’t just made to record core loss tests. Whether the user is

testing to determine if the motor is viable, or mapping out hotspots, the LEXSECO MP7 core loss

testing software can help users to record a variety of testing data, including tests for: core loss, hot spot, integrity, temperature differential, windings verification, and loop tests.


Enhanced Reporting and Documentation

LEXSECO’s Core Loss Testing system with its MP7 software, allows enhanced file search and

retrieval. Users  can save jobs, test details and motor specifics, and then recall that data later.

With their MP7 software, LEXSECO recently introduced a new feature that allows users to attach

thermographic images to the generated report. This allows users to easily include a hotspot visualization to create higher visibility and credibility when documenting the testing process.


Standardization Improves Safety

Before LEXSECO and the introduction of the core loss testers, there was no quick and efficient way

to test core loss. Testing required a lot of materials and experience. There were also safety risks

to the technician who were at a heightened risk of electric shock due to exposed power sources and

— LEXSECO changed all of that.


When LEXSECO created their Core Loss Testing unit more than 35 years ago, they created a unit that took the risk out of testing, reduced testing time, and introduced sophisticated solid state controls.  Now, with the introduction of its MP7 computer software, LEXSECO has created an easy-to-use reporting and documentation hub for commercial core loss testing that also carries the ability to house information gleaned from multiple test types. LEXSECO has created a true testing system for motor shops large and small.


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