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2018 EASA Recap:

What happened and what’s next for IRD LLC?




Product Specialist Lucas Mays in IRD LLC’s booth at the 2018 EASA Convention



Other than the opportunity to try out the famous beer and cheese, this year’s Electrical Apparatus Service Association convention in Milwaukee offered a way for the industry to come together to support one another, network, and learn. The Wisconsin convention brought many attendees ready with questions, and excitement to check out vendors in person. Long gone are the days with expectations that purchases would be made on the show floor. With the technological advancements over the years, now it’s more common to expect specific questions or concerns, and the pleasure of putting a face to a name of someone who vendors had previously only been in contact with via email or phone.


This year most of the questions at IRD LLC’s booth were directed toward their balancing brand, IRD Balancing. Two of the most common questions were on the difference between soft-bearing and hard-bearing machines, and ensuring that instruments are fully up-to-date on the newest ISO standards. (Spoiler alert: they are)


IRD announced at EASA a fully updated standards offering, now including ISO 21940-11, API 610-11, and MIL-STD-1A in new 295+ instruments, as well as including the update in any 295 Series calibrations placed after August.


The company also made some changes to help give attendees a better understanding of who they are and what they’re moving toward at this year’s EASA convention. With updated marketing materials and the new addition of the B50 balancing machine to the booth, they strove to show a different look than the past.


Changes on the Horizon

After EASA, IRD LLC’s General Manager Jack Wright spoke of even more changes on the horizon for the company. One change being the opportunity for more education and training for their customers.


“We are restructuring the way that we support our customers with education and the utilization of their equipment for both IRD Balancing and LEXSECO. We’re going to be expanding with the ability to bring them into a training room and learn in an educational environment,” said Wright.


The overall goal for IRD LLC is to continue to make the product more accessible. With opening up more training and servicing opportunities, they plan to help their customers reduce downtime and be more effective in utilizing the equipment. This venture also allows them the opportunity to learn their customer’s wants and needs directly from the source.


“With these new offerings, we’re hoping to continue to work on the path to success as a partner. We want them to understand that we are responsive and looking to invest in building solutions to make their job easier.”



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