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IRD Balancing Machines Bring Added Value

to the Balancing Industry


Every shop owner knows, commercial balancing equipment comes at a high-cost. Whether you’re the new guy in town or an established organization, finding quality equipment that is both durable and versatile is always top-of-mind. While repair and balancing shops' balancing instruments are the most common equipment updated with modern technological and software innovations, balancing machines are quietly going the distance for these same clients. IRD balancing machines have proven to withstand the test of time while offering the industry more customizable and modular options for specific applications.


Advantages General Purpose Balancing Machines

Soft bearing balancing machines have a wide range of balancing capabilities and are able to service a variety of industries, including those across the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) market. With technology that allows for higher accuracy at lower balancing speeds, the B-Series Horizontal Machines continue to meet the requirements of the general industrial balancing industry.

IRD Balancing’s B-Series balancing instrument.

To provide a comparison for the depth and breadth of balancing potential you can look at the smallest IRD balancing machines — these models have a sensitivity of up to .00002 ounces-per-inch. This same sensitivity and accuracy applies to the largest industrial balancing machine that IRD manufactures which is capable of handling behemoth rotating components weighing around 500,000 lbs.


Range, Strength, and Capacity

If you’re running a shop, you may be thinking that those extremes are pretty cool but what about everyone else? And you’d be right — most machine shop atmospheres don’t need the very small or the very large.


IRD addresses the “middle man” and more common application scenarios with its B-Series, specifically the B5 to B200, which are the general purpose machines appropriate for a wide range of balancing jobs. These machines are capable of balancing 500 lbs. to 25,000 lbs. and are generally suitable for all EASA applications.


These IRD soft balancing machines provide maximum flexibility for balancing rotating components, especially when paired with the IRD Model 295+ balancing instrument. The B-Series soft balancing machines are portable and made with rapid changes of bearing spans and assemblies in mind — they also don’t require a special foundation. This lets operators perform changes and adjustments between jobs quickly and efficiently. When coupled with the intuitive interface on the 295+ and its accompanying database, saved jobs can be picked up from any save point, giving users the flexibility to skip rebalancing from the very beginning when the need for pausing a job arises.


Quality Machines

IRD’s B-Series machines are durable, dependable, and constructed from heavy gauge steel weldments that can be mounted to existing shop floors without the need for a special foundation and two work supports with rollers are used to support the rotor journals. This flexible design helps to meet the requirements of various rotating equipment — pumps, compressors, electric motors, and gear drives are just a sampling of what the general purpose machines built by IRD can balance — and it’s not uncommon for users to get more than 35 years out of their machine with the proper use and maintenance.


IRD Service & Maintenance Support

In-house balancing capabilities can reduce cost and expedite repair schedules for any company that manufacturers, repairs, or services rotating equipment. Balancing machines are not only a valuable asset but are also a significant investment decision. For such a pivotal and important purchase, you want to ensure you are investing in high quality equipment and organizations that provide the highest standard of support and maintenance.


Setup and on-site training for your new balancing machine or instrument, low-to-no downtime calibrations, quick response times, and a helpline are just a few of the support options offered by IRD Balancing.



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