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IRD® Balancing

Welcome to the IRD® Balancing home page.  With over 70 years of experience, IRD® Balancing offers products and services designed to meet all of your soft-bearing balancing needs.  We can accommodate a range of rotor weights from a fraction of a kilogram to over 225,000 kilograms (0.022 to 500,000 pounds).  Our knowledge of precision balancing allows us to recommend the best Balancing Machine and Instrumentation solution for your specific application.

Currently, IRD® does not focus on hard-bearing balancing technology.  We spend all of our time focusing on producing the best soft-bearing balancing technology on the market.  However a few of our instruments are compatible with hard-bearing machines.  What's the Difference?  Click here to find out!

A global network of service, support, application expertise, and training programs make us well equipped to deliver a top of the line portable balancer when you need it.


IRD®'s Newest Model: 295+

Delivers Accurate Results for Faster Balancing!

Check out a Video Demonstration of a 295 below!

Benefits of Balancing

  • Minimize Vibration
  • Minimize Noise
  • Minimize Structural Stress
  • Minimize Operator Fatigue & Annoyance
  • Increase Machine Life
  • Increase Bearing Life
  • Increase Product Quality
  • Increase Personnel Safety
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Power losses
  • Lower Operating Costs

Balancing Applications

Not sure if our balancers will suit your needs?  Here's what our customers have used our devices to balance in the past!

F = Field balancing, or balancing a rotor in its own bearings & support structure.  Check out our Field Balancing Instruments (Model 246 & Model 258)

M = Machine Balancing.  Check out our Machine Balancing Instrument, Model 295 and browse our Balancing Machines.

  • Alternator Rotor Balancing (F/M)
  • Agricultural Machinery Balancing (M)
  • Armature Balancing (F/M)
  • Axle Balancing (M)
  • Blower Assembly Balancing (F/M)
  • Blower Wheel Balancing (F/M)
  • Camshaft Balancing (F)
  • Centrifugal Blowers Balancing (F/M)
  • Centrifuge Drum Balancing (F)
  • Chopper Balancing (F/M)
  • Combine Rotor Balancing (F/M)
  • Compression Rotor Balancing (F/M)
  • Crankshaft Balancing (F/M)
  • Cutter Wheel Balancing (F)
  • CV Assembly Balancing (M)
  • Disc Balancing (F/M)
  • Driveshaft Balancing (F/M)
  • Electrical Generator Balancing (F/M)
  • Electrical Motor Balancing (F/M)
  • Engine Balancing (F)
  • Fanblade Balancing (F/M)
  • Fan Balancing (F/M)
  • Flywheel Balancing (F/M size dependent)
  • Gas Separator Balancing (F)
  • Gas Turbine Balancing (F/M)
  • Gearbox & Flexible Coupling Balancing (F)
  • Generator Balancing (F)
  • Grinding Machine Drive Balancing (F)
  • Gyroscope Balancing (F/M)
  • Impeller Balancing (F/M)
  • Jet Engine Assembly Balancing (F)
  • Jet Turbine Balancing (F/M)
  • Juice Extractor Balancing (F/M)
  • Motor Balancing (F - rotor machine assembly)
  • Motor Blower Assembly Balancing (F)
  • Motor Fan Assembly Balancing (F/M)
  • Paper Roller Balancing (M)
  • Pinion Flange Balancing (F/M)
  • Propeller Balancing (F/M)
  • Pump Impeller Balancing (F/M)
  • Radiator Fan Assembly Balancing (F/M)
  • Roll Balancing (M)
  • Rotary Vacuum Pump Balancing (F/M)
  • Rotor Balancing (F/M)
  • Supercharger Balancing (F/M)
  • Shaft Balancing (F/M)
  • Sheave Balancing (M)
  • Spindle Balancing (F/M)
  • Steam Turbine Balancing (F/M)
  • Stump Grinder Balancing (F/M)
  • Sun Gear Balancing (F)
  • Timing Disc Balancing (F/M)
  • Transmission Component Balancing (F)
  • Turbine Balancing (F/M)
  • Turbo Compressor Balancing (M/F)
  • Turbo Core Balancing (F/M)
  • Turbo Charger Balancing (F/M)
  • Washer Drum Balancing (F/M)
  • Weed Trimmer Balancing (F/M)
  • Wheel Balancing (F)
  • Wind Turbine Balancing (F)
  • Wood Chipper Balancing (F)

Where to Start?

Here at IRD®, we know knowledge is power.  That's why we strive to educate our customers so that they can make informed decisions!  If you're new to balancing, we recommend you start with the basics.

Click Here to Learn about Unbalance and the Basics of Balancing!

Already Know What You Want?

Click Here to go straight to Our Products page to explore our balancing options!

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