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LEXSECO® Core Loss Testers have been the industry standard since 1982.  That's why you can trust us to provide you with the top of the line technology in Core Loss Testers.

If you know what you're looking for, go straight to our LEXSECO® Core Loss Testers page which also includes products like our armatures and magnetic paper.

A returning customer?  Core Loss Tester armature clamps, spare cables, and magnetic paper can be found at the link above.

Did you know about our Meter Exchange program?

Here at IRD® LLC, we understand that not having your equipment for even a day can cut profits and productivity.  That's why we created the Flux Meter Exchange program (click here).  Unfortunately, many of the old meters are now obsolete, meaning we can only perform limited repairs and those repairs are going to take some time.  You can set yourself up for the Flux Meter Exchange program by Upgrading your Core Loss Tester.

The new Core Loss Tester system not only comes with a bunch of new components and the eligibility for the Flux Meter Exchange program, but additionally comes with the MP 7.0TM software upgrade.

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