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April 2018 Blog Post Content



Making the Most of Your Machine

Sensors, Accessories, and More


With your balancing machine or instrument, life-cycle is almost always top-of-mind, especially when that equipment is critical to your day-to-day operations. With machines that regularly last 30-years or more, it’s not uncommon to need a few new parts within that time frame. Whether it’s replacing smaller components after everyday wear-and-tear or extending your production capabilities with add-on accessories — here is a breakdown of the most common parts, sensors, accessories and calibration options.


Sensors are an important accessory for balancing machine accuracy.Replacement Parts

If for no other reason than proper maintenance, it’s important to make sure that you’re replacing parts as needed. The most popular replacement cables, belts, rollers, and supplies can be found here.



Sensors play a big role in the accuracy of your balancing machine and, just like belts or cables, over time these parts can wear out due to excessive use. Popular sensors include:


● Velocity Transducers (like the 544)

● Accelerometers (such as the 942)

● Speed Sensors (like the E21000)


IRD sensors are capable of more than just measuring unbalance vibrations. For monitoring vibrations in a variety of manufacturing applications, we also have custom sensors that operate in a range of temperatures, frequencies, and conditions — even underwater.


More information about IRD’s sensors and their capabilities can be found here.



Add-on items and accessories can expand the number of applications your balancing machine is capable of. IRD can provide your operation with accessories that enhance safety, extend the bed of your balancing machine, and broaden the types of equipment your machine can handle.. There are a variety of popular accessories to choose from.



Additional rollers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different journal and shaft sizes.

Negative Load Hold-downs

A negative load hold-downs allows for oddly shaped objects with a negative load— like fans or pumps with long shafts — to be balanced safely

Safety Hold-downs

Safety hold downs can prevent potential injury, damage and increase measurement accuracy by keeping your load from bouncing excessively.

Bed Extensions

A bed extension adjusts the reach of the machine for larger or smaller loads than the machine generally will accommodate and provides greater flexibility for your machine.


A V-block provides the support needed for balancing equipment that has a housing or shaft which doesn’t allow for rotation.


Service Options

While replacing worn parts is an expected part of routine machine maintenance, there is still internal adjusting for hardware and software alike that needs tending to. For many shops, annual calibration of your balancing equipment is required by NIST, ISO, EASA — and others — to comply with certification requirements and prove your operations are up to the industry’s standards. IRD offers two pay-per-use options for yearly calibration — in-house and on-site.


In-house Calibration

With in-house calibrations, you send your balancing instrument to the IRD warehouse and we calibrate it for you. If our technicians find any broken or non-working parts, we let you know the issue, cost, and how long it will take to repair. The advantage to in-house calibration with IRD is that we have all the parts necessary to fix your instrument on hand in our facility.

On-site Calibration

On-site calibration is a low-to-no downtime option. If you’re confident that your instrument is in working order, we’ll come to you and provide calibration services right in your workshop.


Enhance your operations with replacement parts, accessories, or calibrations? Contact our team to learn more.



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