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Flux Metering System Exchange Program

Do you have an "E" meter?  If not, you're going to need one to participate in this program.  Consider upgrading your LEXSECO® Core Loss Tester to not only receive the newest flux meter, but to have your Core Loss Tester completely refurbished.  Find more information about upgrading your Core Loss Tester here! Note:  If you're not sure what type of flux meter you have, the upgrade page has information you'll need!

If the answer is "YES," then congratulations, you qualify for the Flux Metering System Exchange Program!  Here at IRD®, we understand that one day without a functioning Core Loss Tester can mean a loss of customers, profits, and time.  We value our customers and work to serve their needs.  That's why we created the exchange program.  You can now have your meter recalibrated with absolutely no downtime!

Advantages of the Exchange Program

  • Designed to address calibration requirements for maintaining the high testing accuracy for your LEXSECO® Core Loss Tester.
  • Self-enclosed modular metering system which provides for a quick removal and installation process.
  • The recalibrated metering system comes complete with Certificate of Compliance certified in conformity with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • Will help you conform to ISO 9001, EASA Accreditation, and other program standards that require regular and traceable calibration while maintaining your Core Loss Testing with little or no interruption.

How it works:

  • Let us know when you're ready to have your meter calibrated.
  • Fill out the Core Loss Tester Meter Exchange Form and either e-mail or fax it to us.
  • We'll send you a calibrated meter in the mail.
  • Once you receive your meter, promptly return the old meter within the same shipping box and padding you received the new one in.
  • Note:  If the old meter is not returned within 30 days, you will be charged the full price for the cost of a new meter.



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