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Incorporated in 1952, IRD Mechanalysis produced the first portable electronic instrument for measuring and analyzing rotating machinery vibration and dynamically balancing in-place.




Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, IRD Mechanalysis expanded, resulting in a worldwide company known for pioneering technological developments.

In the 1970s the founding engineers of LEXSECO® recognized the need for a quick and efficient method for testing motor cores, stators, and rotors.

In 1978, the first LEXSECO® Core Loss Tester was created and revolutionized the motor repair industry.

In the 1980s, Krauth Electric purchased the LEXSECO® brand and brought production of the core loss testers to their headquarters.


In the early 1990s, Multiparameter database software was introduced with our ground breaking MP software series.  This software rapidly became the new industry standard.

In the 1990s, a new metering system was introduced that measures flux, amps, and watts.  The new meters measure actual lines of flux within the core ensuring precise excitation.

In the early 1990s, IRD Mechanalysis merged with Entek to form Entek IRD, a company focused on predictive maintenance and condition monitoring of industrial equipment.

In 2005, the IRD® Balancing and LEXSEO® brands were combined under the IRD LLC corporate umbrella.  This move put the two related businesses under the same roof and enabled us to offer these related brands to our customers.

1998 - 2003


Rockwell purchased Entek IRD in 1998 and subsequently sold the IRD® Balancing unit to Krauth Electric Company in 2003.


In 2007, Krauth moved IRD's headquarters from Columbus, Ohio to its current location in Louisville, Kentucky.




In 2009, IRD LLC purchased a portion of the accelerometer and vibration sensor lines from Rockwell/Allen Bradley and brought manufacturing of these transducers to IRD headquarters.

In 2012, IRD LLC released a new touch screen balancing instrument, the 295.  It is the fastest, most accurate, and most user friendly instrument released to date.

In 2013, a new Multiparameter software was released entitled MP 7TM.  The new MP 7TM software utilizes modern metering technology to provide the user with hands-free automated testing and an intuitive user interface.

Our new website combining the IRD® & LEXSECO® brands was launched!

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