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Perfectly Balanced:

Customer Service and Quality


IRD Balancing equipment allows users to balance all types of rotors in a wide range of sizes with soft-bearing technology. While our balancing products are more versatile and much safer than hard-bearing technologies, IRD as an organization stands for so much more.


Our focus has historically been on creating a safe and efficient workforce for each shop that chooses to partner with IRD, but we needed to make sure we were hitting the mark. So, we surveyed our existing customer base to learn why they have chosen our products, and to understand where we can improve. Along the way, we learned that our team is helping your team create improved processes by providing quality products along with ongoing support and education.


Customer Service & Tech Support


When we surveyed our users about IRD Balancing products, we received consistent and positive feedback. It’s no secret that customer service and technical support is important to our users. Great customer service sets everyone up for success, both manufacturer and purchaser alike. Here’s what real customers are saying about our customer support efforts:


“The best thing that IRD has is the technical support and spare parts available, with excellent customer service, which provides reliability to our teams.” — Abdiel Galvez, PanCanal


We aren’t shy about letting our users know that IRD components can also be used to update and upgrade existing competitor’s soft and hard bearing machines. In some cases, our engineers will even make a trip out to your business to see if an IRD product is going to be the right fit for your existing products and application needs.  Because we are focused on building new partnerships and sustaining existing ones by providing information and solutions that work, it’s not just about making the sale and our customers are telling us they know that.


Our team also provides:

● Low-to-no downtime in-house or on-site calibration

● Quick response times to emergency equipment and maintenance needs

● A helpline for questions and concerns

● On-loan instrument options to keep your business up and running


Commitment to Industry Education and Training


In 1952, IRD Mechanalysis produced the first portable electronic balancing instrument and while it might not seem like a huge deal, this early innovation allowed rotors to be dynamically balanced more efficiently and with improved accuracy as compared to traditional manual balancing methods.


During the survey, our customers told us they appreciated,“The history and reputation behind the name.” But it’s not just about being educated on the history of the balancing industry; it’s critical to be educated on where the user’s needs are and to push the bar when it comes to industry progress.


This is why IRD can provide on-site training upon installation to make sure your operators are ready, and your balancing operation is efficient, as well as extended operator training options, and an assessment of existing machine capabilities/condition of equipment.


Quality Machines & Products


Technology is advancing every day, our engineers are committed to learning new, more innovative and efficient strategies to keep your business moving, and every change IRD has made to its products has been with the user in mind.  For example, in 2017 the 295+ Balancing Instrument introduced a more robust database and an icon-driven interface that made it easy to navigate. When equipment is easy-to-use and easy to update, training staff is a more efficient process.


Quality. Durability. Reliability. Ease of use. When users were polled they gave IRD’s balancing products high marks in each of these areas and said that the products were, “Easy to program and user-friendly.”   The excellent workmanship of IRD balancing machines has been a key component to building long term relationships with customers. IRD’s engineers stand behind the quality of their products and it common for our partners to have a balancing machine that has had a shelf life of 35 or more years.


Two big reasons IRD soft-bearing balancing machines are an industry top-pick are due to their accuracy and cost-effectiveness — even after being moved to a new location. Because they don’t require a special foundation IRD machines can be installed on any standard floor with the ability to support the weight of the machine and rotor, thus saving time and money.


Our engineers have created flexible designs like those found on the B-Series machines where portability and rapid bearing span changes are top-of-mind and lengthen the life of our balancing machines. Easily upgradable and updateable, the B-Series provides a widely adaptable and very flexible balancing solution that is not possible with hard bearing machines.



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