295 Balancing Instrument

Soft-Bearing Color Touch Screen.  Easy to use interface, improved accuracy and enhanced operator tools & reports to deliver faster balancing times.  For use on a balancing machine.

   295 Technical Data Sheet

The 295 automatic balancer brings a new level of accuracy and convenience to balancing rotating equipment on a balancing machine.  A wide range of features are available to cover all the requirements of precision balancing, including comparison to established tolerances and printing a user customizable certificate to document the balancing results.

The touch activated, flat LCD screen allows quick data entry and menu selection.  Screen prompts and online help files assist the operator in obtaining fast accurate results.  Polar or large digital displays are available to provide the operator with a graphic representation of the balance vectors.  Visual color identification is provided for "in tolerance" and "out of tolerance" conditions.

Built on a Windows®7 platform with newly designed internal electronics, the 295 is a "drop in" upgrade to the Model 236, 246, 290 and many other IRD® Balancing Instruments.  Data files, external keyboards and printers are easily accessible via the USB ports.

Additionally, the 295 Plus, available August 1st, 2016, comes with a larger front touch screen, two additional USB ports and a power button on the front of the instrument, and Wi-Fi connection capabilities.


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