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To measure machinery or structural vibration, a transducer is needed to convert the mechanical motion into an equivalent electrical signal.  Each sensor has distinct advantages in certain situations and limitations in other, so it is important to select the most suited transducer or sensor for your job.  Equally, important is selecting the appropriate parameter of vibration amplitude for measurement.  IRD® has a wide range of transducers and accelerometers available to help you obtain accurate, reliable data, whether your concern is vibration monitoring, analysis, or dynamic balancing.

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  Velocity Transducers


   Speed Sensors

Parts & Accessories

Velocity Transducers

Model IRDPart Number Entek / RockwellReference Description

544 E04526 EK-04526 Sensor Only - Portable, waterproof, dust proof, Division 2 hazardous area proof, for use in balancing machine applications

544B E12084 EK-12084 Sensor Only - Portable, waterproof, dust proof Division 2 Hazardous Environment Rating, isolated from area ground loops and power surges, for use in field balancing applications

544M E09712 EK-09712 544B Sensor with 4-Hole Mount, for permanent installation

546DP E02785 EK-02785 Standard pickup in all Balancing Machines

546DP Assembly E11194 N/A Pickup Assembly, 546DP w/ Right Angle Mounting Bracket

580 E28852 EK-28852 Sensor, Velocity Piezo Model 580

9100VO E44445 N/A Sensor, Compact Velocity, 25 mm/1" dia. 1080 mv/in/sec

544MSP E23063 EK-23063 Same as 544M except with Right Angle Connection for installation


An accelerometer is a device that measures proper acceleration, or g-force.  Acceleration is the measurement of the change in velocity or speed divided by time.  Accelerometers for use in balancing access vibration.

Model IRDPart Number Entek / RockwellReference Description

911R E37692 EK-37692 Sensor, Accelerometer, Model 911R, 100mv/g, Right Angle

911S E37691 EK-37691 Sensor, Accelerometer, Model, 911S, 100mv/g

941B 10' Cable E33339 EK-33339 Sensor, Accelerometer, Model 941B, 10' long 50mv/g

941B 30' Cable E33340 EK-33340 Sensor, Accelerometer, Model 941B, 30' long 50mv/g

941B 50' Cable E33341 EK-33341 Sensor, Accelerometer, Model 941B, 50' long 50mv/g

942 10' Cable E36501 EK-36501 Sensor, Accelerometer, Model, 942, 10' long, 100mv/g

942 30' Cable E36502 EK-36502 Sensor, Accelerometer, Model, 942, 30' long, 100mv/g

942 50' Cable E36503 EK-36503 Sensor, Accelerometer, Model, 942, 50' long, 100mv/g

943 E35530 EK-35530 Sensor, Accelerometer, Model 943, 100mv/g

970 E19697 EK-19697 Sensor, Accelerometer, Model 970, 50mv/g, 4-pin

970i E38946 EK-38946 Sensor, Accelerometer, Model 970i, 50mv/g, 2-pin

9000A E43781 N/A Sensors, Accelerometer, General Purpose

Speed Sensors

Type IRDPart Number Description

Photoelectric E21000 5 VDC, Reflective Tape Trigger, 25-600 mm RangeUsed on balancing instruments 236/246/295/245/260/265/290Compatible with all balancing machines.

Photoelectric E72665 40 mm Range, 2 m Cable, Triggers from Mark on RotorOnly used with B01/S & B02/S instruments

Laser E47240 5 VDC, Reflective Tape Trigger, 100-200 mm RangeOnly used with B01/S & B02/S instruments

Infrared E47255 12 VDC, Light / Dark Trigger, 100-150 mm RangeOnly used with B01/S & B02/S instruments

Parts & Accessories

IRDPart Number Entek / RockwellReference Description

E04366 EK-04366 Connector, 2-pin, female

E10140 EK-10140 Shield, Magnetic (100:1 Reduction) for Model 544

E10308 EK-10308 Mounting Stud, Insulated for Model 910 (1/4-28 Threads)

E10449 EK-10449 Shield, Magnetic (100:1 Reduction) for Model 544M

E14797 EK-14797 Connector, 2-pin female, 90 Degree MS

E15039 EK-15039 ASM, Conn E10183 w/ E01173 Clamp

E24746 EK-24746 Magnetic Holder for Model 970

E25136 EK-25136 Cable for Model 560 to Model 880, 12ft long

E32585 EK-32585 Mounting Kit Clamp for Model 940/942

E34948 EK-34948 Mounting Plate for Model 942

E35536 EK-35536 Magnetic Holder for Model 943

E35540 EK-35540 Probe for Model 943, 5" long, Stainless Steel

E35973 EK-35973 Probe for Model 943, 1/2" long, Stainless Steel

E35976 EK-35976 Cable, Model 943 to Fastrack, 6ft long

E36394 EK-36394 Kit for Fastrack:  Model 943, Accelerometer, Cable, & Magnet

E36733 EK-36733 Cable, Model 943 to 885/890, 6ft long

E49210 N/A Shaft Rider for IRD® Balancing Sensors (Various Sizes)

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