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The LEXSECO® Advantage

In the 1970's, LEXSECO®'s founding engineers recognized that no quick and efficient method existed for standardized motor core testing.  They spent several years developing the first commercial core loss tester and test database.  Now the Industry Standard since 1982, LEXSECO® has the knowledge and experience as the originator of Commercial Core Loss Testing technology.

LEXSECO® Core Loss Testers are used around the world by motor repair companies and maintenance shops of motor users such as railroads, armed forces and utilities.  Motor manufactures also use our testers for quality control during their production processes.

Check out a video of the Core Loss Tester in action below!

LEXSECO® Makes Core Loss Testing Easy

Testing occurs with the winding in place or removed.  Winding condition, lamination grade and thickness do not significantly affect test results.  Core dimensions and meter readings are fed into the MP 7TM software which calculates watts/lb (kg) of core loss.  With parameters for "bad", "marginal" and "good" cores, the MP 7TM generates a detailed core condition report.  Localized damage is found by increasing the excitation level to reveal hot spots within the core.  The entire test takes only about 10 minutes!

LEXSECO® Means Quality Equipment

The LEXSECO® Core Loss Tester provides high current at low voltage with continuously variable output to simulate operating conditions of the core.  Housed in rugged steel cabinets, our testers are incorporated with surge and overload protection.  Every LEXSECO® component meets rigid quality standards.  Our patented Variable Reactance Transformer is inherently current limiting and will not allow the tester to source more than the rated current.  With machines in service over two decades, we have never experienced a transformer failure, a remarkable quality testament.  When purchased with our Cover Plan, the LEXSECO® Core Loss Tester comes with a 3-Year Warranty.

Simple & Efficient to Operate

The LEXSECO® Core Loss Testers have a fully automated, auto-ranging metering system.  One button is all that is needed to ramp the system up or down.  This simple and intuitive operation makes training a breeze.

LEXSECO® Flux Meters Provide the Highest Metering Accuracy on the Market

The metering system is a key component in most industrial test equipment and should be specifically designed to address the application of the particular equipment.  The LEXSECO® Flux Metering systems are a result of decades of research in the field of core loss testing and advancements in metering technology.  The system measures flux, true RMS current, and watts at the highest accuracy level available on the market today.

The system was designed specifically for core loss testing.  It provides the most accurate metering available for testing a wide array of HP and frame characteristics.  The accuracy specifications are presented as a percentage of the actual meter reading.  The system is certified traceable to the requirements of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

One of the terms listed in the NIST specification requires additional explanation.  The "% of reading" or "% of rdg" is a very significant term when used in conjunction with instrumentation specifications.  It indicates how far the meter's reported reading can vary as a percentage of the reported reading from the actual.  The "% of rdg" must be compared to a more standard term "% of full scale" or "% of FS" in order to fully understand its significance.  The term "% of FS" indicates how far the meter's reported reading can vary as a percentage of the largest reading the meter can display from the actual.  Consider the following example of two watt meters (both meters have a five digit display and full scale = 10,000 watts) displaying 180 watts when testing a core:

  • Other Meters - (with an accuracy specification of ±0.5% FS)  The reading of 180W might actually be between 130 and 230W, a range of 100 watts
  • LEXSECO®'s Flux Meter - (with an accuracy specification of ±0.25% RDG ±0.2)  The reading of 180W might actually be between 179.35 and 180.65W, a range of only 1.3 watts.

Wattage is the most difficult parameter to represent accurately of all metering issues associated with the Core Loss Tester.  It is derived from voltage, current and their observed phase relationship.  The example above illustrates how one specification can greatly affect your confidence in the reported results.

Our Flux Meter Exchange Program Ensures that You'll Always be Ready to Test

Calibration is easily addressed with our flux meter exchange program.  The exchange metering system comes complete with a traceable Certificate of Compliance certified in conformity with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  The Flux Metering System is a self-enclosed modular component, which provides for a quick removal and installation process.  This program will help you conform to ISO 9001, EASA-Q and other program standards that require regular and traceable calibration while maintaining your core loss testing with little or no interruption.

Learn more about our Flux Meter Exchange Program.

Fully Automated Core Loss Testers

Our automated testers are computer controlled systems that will reduce testing time and increase accuracy while allowing for the highest level of testing flexibility with an any-point manual over-ride.  These testers integrate with our MP 7TM software to automatically excite the core to target levels, produce test results and then automatically ramp the power back down with a touch of a button.  Hot Spot tests are automatically timed to prevent overheating of the core.

Safety & Reliability Matter

Here at LEXSECO®, the safety and satisfaction of the customer are of utmost importance.  That is why we implement the following into our Core Loss Testers:

  • Current Limiting Power Source
    • Safety fuses
    • Over-temperature protection
    • Surge suppressors
    • Circuit breakers provide maximum protection to the hardware and the operator
    • Inherently current limiting - no over current failures
  • Test Cables with Quick Connecting Fittings
    • Phenolic covers for safety
    • Cables rated at 2,000 amps maximum per 5 minute duty cycle
  • Variable Reactance Transformer (VRT)
    • Sophisticated, patented solid state controls
    • Provides ease of control over output

LEXSECO® Software is the Standard

The first standardized core loss parameters LEXSECO® developed represented an appropriate average of the existing base of motors found in the market.  LEXSECO® realized, however, that acceptable losses vary with core configuration.  To achieve greater accuracy, separate parameters should be determined for each frame type and efficiency type.  This recognition lead to the development of the LEXSECO®'s unique "Multiparameter," or MP 7TM software.

Exceptionally versatile and user friendly, MP 7TM allows differentiation between NEMA, pre-NEMA, U, T and IEC frames and standard to high efficiencies.  Users may also build their own databases with special parameters for the particular equipment they service or manufacture.  The MP 7TM's Winding Verification program and an array of mechanical and electrical testing fields make our tester a powerful repair documentation center.

Equipment Upgrade Programs

Our upgrade program proves that buying a LEXSECO® Core Loss Tester is a wise investment.  Recognizing that the LEXSECO® testers are built to last, we have created packages to bring earlier generations of the equipment to the latest standards.

A LEXSECO® Core Loss Tester is an investment that pays dividends for many years.  Continuing R&D, largely conducted in our affiliated EASA member motor service company, produces regular advances that keep LEXSECO® users current with cutting edge technology.  Some of LEXSECO®'s earliest clients have been able to upgrade their 1980 vintage testers to have the latest metering, hardware and software!

Learn more about our Upgrade Program!

When you buy LEXSECO®, you gain access to our staff of trained test engineers who ensure you get the most from your LEXSECO® tester.  Our engineers consult daily with shop personnel around the world, giving them the benefit of our many years of testing knowledge and experience.  We support our products after the purchase, which is one reason LEXSECO® clients come back again and again.  The knowledge that comes from originating a test equipment concept - an unparalleled quality record - Multiparameter software with regular upgrades - after purchase product support.  These are the reasons LEXSECO® sets the standard.


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